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Harry Potter

Harry & Hermione

Harry Potter: Inventory
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Taking a Wrong Turn.jpg

Harry, under duress, made a split second decision that turned out very right.

The Quiz.jpg

Fed up with fan-girls after him Harry submits a Quiz to Witch Weekly. What will the results be?

The Answers.jpg

Sequel to The Quiz. Harry now knows who Tiger Lily is. The question is; how does he react?

The Consequences.jpg

Sequel to The Quiz and The Answers. Find out what the consequences to the quiz were including an interview with everyone's favourite reporter Rita.

Vox corporis.jpg

Following the events of the Goblet of Fire, Harry spends the summer with the Grangers, his relationship with Hermione deepens, and he and Hermione become Animagi. H/HR

Taking a Wrong Turn, Turned Out Right by: DerLaCroix
The Quiz by: bluebell-uk
The Answers by: Bluebell-uk
Vox Corporis by: MissAnnThropic
Fics 1, 2, 3
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