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Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuuri & Victor

Yuri on Ice: Inventory
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A preemptive strike is still a strike, no matter how one swings it, and the aftermath—the suffering and heartache to come—is blood on his hands. He can't face what he's just done.  

 "After the Final, let's end this."

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Overwhelmed with anxiety and his fear of failing, Yuuri faces the issue of if he should continue skating. His best friend, Yuko, proposes a solution - if no one knows it's you, then it's less embarrassing, right? Yuuri begins to create a completely new disguise and persona.
But it works a little too well.
Before he knows it, Yuuri has become the biggest mystery of the skating world and everyone wants to know who he is.

Thumb Image - YouTube Disaster Gays Seri

The YouTube Disaster Gays Series is a series of short stories following the love & adventures of YouTubers Victor "NikBitch" Nikiforov and Yuuri "Katsu" Katsuki. There are (so far) 12 stories in all.

= This Series is Currently In progress = 

Principles Of War by: Orphan_Account
Kiss for the Camera - YouTube Disaster Gays Series, Part 1
Pretty for You - YouTube Disaster Gays Series, Part 2
Love and Other Recipes - YouTube Disaster Gays Series, Part 3
Make a Collage Of Us - YouTube Disaster Gays Series, Part 4
Fics 1, 2, 3
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