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YouTube Disaster Gays Series

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YouTube Disaster Gays 1.jpg

“I’m sorry everyone,” Victor says, looking up at the camera with slightly wild eyes. “We’re going to have to take a slight break from our scheduled live streaming of Katya and Ivan’s break up to watch a video together.”

After this it sounds like he says “God is good to the gays, praise be to Jesus,” but it’s muffled and the mic doesn’t really pic it up.

[1st in the YouTubers AU in which Victor still skates and Yuuri has a cooking channel.]

YouTube Disaster Gays 3.jpg

“I’ll be doing my boyfriend’s makeup!” Victor says, looking immensely pleased with himself as Yuuri hides his face in his hands. “Isn’t he cute? Yuuri, show the good viewers your cute face. So squish, much cheek.”

[2nd in the YouTubers AU series. Victor does Yuuri's makeup and is generally a mess. They're in love.]

YouTube Disaster Gays 2.jpg

“So, as my regular viewers will probably know, this is not my usual kitchen. But I’m visiting the boyfriend this week. Obviously I had to do a big shop on arrival as Victor lives like the drama queen he is and mostly orders out.”

“Hey!” a voice says, and a very attractive man wanders into view and flicks Yuuri on the nose affectionately. “I only apply as much drama as is necessary.”

[3rd in the YouTubers AU. Yuuri hosts a live stream at Victor's. Shenanigans ensue.]

YouTube Disaster Gays 4.jpg

“Can you believe that the man dating me, Victor-owns-the-same-pair-of-heels-in-three-colours-Nikiforov, only has one suitcase, one box, and one carry on rucksack when he’s moved his entire life to a different country?”

[Fourth in the YouTubers AU. Collab videos between NikBitch and Katsu now Yuuri's moved to Russia to live with his boyfriend.]

YouTube Disaster Gays 5.jpg

The cake cutting is sweet until Victor shoves a handful in Yuuri’s face, then runs away when Yuuri tries to retaliate.

“My makeup took over an hour, Yuuri! Have mercy!”

[Fifth in the YouTubers AU. It's wedding time folks. Prepare for fluff and these dorks being gross and in love.]

YouTube Disaster Gays 6.jpg

“What is this monstrosity?” Victor asks the camera, holding up a hideous blue and orange beanie hat. “God, I bet my entire wine fridge Yuuri has picked it up, adorable fashion disaster that he is.”

Yuuri has indeed picked up the hat and looks confused when Victor whispers “garbage muffin strikes again”.

[Extreme dog petting, sleepy bois, prank wars, shopping trips, beardy Victor, jealous husbands being idiots; it's all to come in this week's YouTube Fluff Boys. Like and subscribe!]

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YouTube Disaster Gays 10.jpg

It’s Phichit's soft curse of “fuck” that has the couple looking up and catching him filming. They give chase, but Phichit manages a spectacular escape by shimmying down the broken fire escape and dropping a whole storey onto the pavement when the ladder gets jammed.

“I just had my Friends moment!” Phichit crows, delighted with himself as he flees the scene.

[Part ten of the YouTubers AU. Phichit Chulanont is a gift to the victuuri fandom. The biggest shipper. The real mvp.]

= Coming Soon =
YouTube Disaster Gays 11.jpg

“Hello, lovely viewers,” he says with a coy smile at the camera, instantly KOing about ninety-five percent of his audience. “We’re going to have some fun today and teach Victor how to pole dance. I have no idea how this is going to go to be honest. He’s pretty good at death drops and voguing, but I think that’s just because he’s angling to become king of the gays.”

“Elton John is king of the gays, muffin,” a voice says from off camera, making Yuuri jump and spin around.

[Part eleven of the YouTubers AU. A fan makes a compilation video of all the times Victor manages to surprise himself with just how gone he is for his husband.]

= Coming Soon =
YouTube Disaster Gays 12.jpg

Victor goes with Yuuri to the studio the day after the cleaning fiasco. Mostly because it’s one of his more frequent days off now he’s retired and he just wants to be around Yuuri. But also a little bit because he’s pondering the pros and cons of smacking Maxim across the face with his fine Italian leather glove.

[Part twelve of the YouTubers series. A behind the scenes look at one of the more dramatic instances of married life. Or what to do when one man didn't get the memo that your beautiful dancer husband is very much married.]

= Coming Soon =
YouTube Disaster Gays 7.jpg

Phichit eventually breaks and admits that Victor has got a slight edge in the pretty department, and he’d been rather overwhelmed when he met the man in person.

“I didn’t know what to do with my hands, Yuuri. He was smiling at me and I was like, should I put my hands on my head? That seems normal. Then he said he liked my sweater and I was like, should I give him my sweater?”

But Phichit insists Chris wins on sex appeal. Phichit squawks when Yuuri pokes him in the ribs.

[Seventh in the YouTubers AU. Victor and Yuuri's jobs means they sometimes have to be apart. Here are the results. Spoiler alert: they're both awful at it.]

= Coming Soon =
YouTube Disaster Gays 8.jpg

“Not at all, just the right amount of tight… oh mama.”

Yuuri has just bent over to adjust the cuff of the pants, the trousers now clinging to his behind.

“I’m feeling very festive.”

“Vitya, being festive does not equate to being horny.”

[Eighth in the YouTubers AU. It's ski holiday time for the Katsuki-Nikiforovs and their friends. A week in Chris' ski chalet has Yuuri and Victor attempting some match making and all of them getting up to general mischief and fuckery.]

= Coming Soon =
YouTube Disaster Gays 9.jpg

“Bitches and bitchettes,” Victor says, turning to address the camera, and then does a flourish that’s worthy of any Disney princess, “welcome, to Disney World.”

“You mean my personal hell,” a voice says, and the camera turns to catch Chris lowering his sunglasses slightly to look over them at the palace with raised eyebrows. “You and I don’t belong in places with this much plastic, Victor.”

[Jesus we're on part nine of the YouTubers AU. The gang goes to Disney World for Yurio's birthday. Fluff and fuckery ensues.]

= Coming Soon =
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