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February 1st, 2020 - Welcome!

Hello and welcome to Serdd's audio fanfiction! I'm Serdd. Thanks for joining me and welcome, especially to this first ever episode of SAF. Serdd's Audio Fanfiction is a project of complete love, that I have been deeply invested in for a lot of years now. It is a perfect amalgamation of my two greatest passions: voice acting and fan fiction.

If you're familiar with my previous work, thank you so much for sticking with me and following me from site to site for all these years. I especially want to thank my fans from, who kept emailing me and asking when I was going to start up again, and where I was going to be. As well as my fans on deviant art, where I posted my fan made covers for all the fanfictions that I made, who emailed me asking where I was and when I was coming back.

And also a huge shout out and thank you to all of my fans in Japan. (O0O) Thank you so much! I have no idea how you found all of my old radio shows, but for all of the amazing and warm emails that I've received from all of you: arigato gozaimashita. Thank you very, very much for your continued support.

With any luck, Patrion and will be the permanent home of SAF forevermore.

Some of you out there may be coming from my other works such as my earlier podcasts: Slayer Stories, Phoenix Fictions, The Romance Section, and Twilight Audio Fanfictions.

If you're a brand new listener, Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. I am so happy, happy, and grateful to have all of you new listeners, new subscribers and new followers. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Over these past years when I've gotten emails about when I was coming back and what happened and where all of my fics went, I was always a little bit embarrassed to admit to what all happened and why I disappeared. And so for all of you old listeners, for all of you new listeners... here's just a little bit about me and the journey that we've taken to get here...

I started my first podcast; Slayer Stories in 2005. If you can't guess, it was a Buffy the vampire Slayer fan fiction podcast. Next came Phoenix Fictions for Harry Potter, Harry & Hermione fanfics. And finally The Romance Section, which had a whole host of different fandoms, including Twilight, Phantom of the opera and InuYasha.

Sadly, in 2010 the site that was hosting all three podcasts, went bankrupt and took all of the money that I had paid into it with them.

It was an especially devastating blow as earlier that same year, my computer crashed taking all of my recordings with it. Needless to say, I was absolutely devastated, 2010 was not a good year for me. And I lost my love, my passion, for podcasting and for narrating in general, for a little while. Especially after having 5+ years worth of work disappear in the blink of an eye like that.

So after that, it took a few years to come back... but in 2016, I attempted to pick it back up again with a brand new podcast called Twilight Audio Fanfiction. And while I was - and to a lesser extent still am - a huge Twilight fan, and it helped me to rediscover my love for audiobooks and audio fanfiction; I found myself severely limited, in that; 1) I could only upload one chapter per month. (due to hosting limitations). 2) The fic that I read had to be Twilight. And 3) I could only do one fic at a time. - Plus the monthly charges were getting way too much for a struggling voice actor to handle. It was however, with Twilight Audio Fanfiction that I acquired all of my fans in Japan. And so it was really them that kept it going for as long as it did.

I found that, once again, I had stagnated with it. And I had moved on to other fandoms and other relationships and other media types. And so as I moved on from Twilight, I still wanted to keep it going for the fans, and kept it up for a little while. But, eventually it just petered out. I couldn't, I'm one of those people who; if I don't like it or if I don't have the passion for it anymore, I won't do it. So, yeah. That's how Twilight Audio Fanfiction Library took a slow death.

But in saying all that: in finding the joy of those first podcasts - of Slayer Stories of Phoenix Fictions of The Romance Section - I truly found my niche.

This is what I'm passionate about. This is my greatest love: is being able to do this.

And so, when I was hit with all of those huge hurdles... I think that was my first real heartbreak. In losing all of that. It was like someone had died, losing all three, and everything that I had worked for.

And it wasn't only that.

Because I lost my computer; I lost reviews, emails & fan art that people had sent me. It was just... it was all gone, in the blink of an eye. As a creator, this is one of the things that brings me the most joy in life. Even when I was in a deep depression or with all of my anxieties, doing voice work - and especially fanfiction - was always my best medicine. And to have all of that disappear... it was tough coming back from. It was really tough.

I can honestly say that the fandom(s) and the fans asking me: "Hey, where are you?" was really what helped pull me out of it. Even though it took a few years to fully come back from.

This new venture: Serdd's Audio Fanfictions is one that I've been dreaming of and planning ever since I first learned what Patreon was.

I have wanted to have my own website - that I could host, that had all of my podcasts/audio fics on it, that I could update whenever I want, and where I could have it all in one place. And now, technology or social media or the internet or whatever you want to call it, has finally caught up to what I always wanted this to be.

So! Serdd's Audio Fanfiction is the Official home of all of my audio fan fictions. It's Harry Potter, it's Buffy, it's My Hero Academia, it's Yuri On Ice, it's Twilight, it's Phantom of the opera, it's InuYasha. All of them!

Any story that I want to put out is going to be available here. I am also planning to go through my old library and rerecord some of my old favorites - some of your old favorites - and make them available for download.

So the way this work's is Serdd' is going to, essentially, be my library. Now, the thing about a library is that you can't take out 'unfinished books'. So, on my website you'll find all of my completed fics available for download as a single, complete, audio file.

Where as, while I'm working on a fic that's "In Progress", you can listen to & enjoy monthly updates on my Patrion, where on going audio fics have a regular update schedule, just like writen fanfic.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be launching this project!

Now that you know all about me, let me tell you about Serdd's Audio Fanfiction.

Here's how it'll work: on the first of every month I will post the "Monthly Agenda". The Monthly Agenda details:

A) What fics or chapters I'll be posting in the coming month, and the days on which they'll be posted.

B) Any date changes or schedule irregularities.

C) My fic Recommendations.

SAF will have four episodes in total each month. The first will be the Monthly Agenda, the second and third episodes will be a single chapter of two different fics. The fourth and last episode of the month will be a one-shot.

So here's the agenda for this month of February, 2020:

Feb 7th: Chapter 1, Erased Potential by: theslytherinpaladin - A My Hero Academia fanfic.

Feb 14th: Chapter 1, November's Secret by: LanaBerry - a Yuri On Ice fanfic.

Feb 21st: a Buffy the Vampire Slayer, One-shot.

You'll notice that I didn't give a title or author for said one-shot. That's because it's a surprise! The one-shots have the potential to change from week to week, so rather than announce it and later change my mind; I thought to leave it open. :D

Oh! I almost forgot! About the "Shipping". I know that for many, this is a very sensitive topic, and I am very sorry if the following is frustrating or even excluding, but: with all of the fandom that I feature, I am, in most cases, very particular in the ships that I support. That is not to say that the following ships are completely set in stone... but most of them are.

The following are is a list of some of the fandom's I follow, and the Ships within that I support. I also sometimes read general (non-pairing) fanfic.

The ships that will be featured are:

  • My Hero Academia - Midoriya Izuku & Todoroki Shouto (also general fanfic)

  • Yuri On Ice - Yuuri Katsuki & Viktor Nikiforov

  • Harry Potter - Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Buffy Summers & Spike (William the Bloody)

  • InuYasha - Kaogme Higurashi & Inuyasha

  • Twilight - Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

  • Phantom of the Opera - Christine Daaé & Eric (The Phantom).

As I said before; some fics may be general, but if there is any kind of romantic relationship involving the main characters, these - 9 times out of 10 - will be the pairing.

So if those ships are uncomfortable for you, or you absolutely despise them, I'm sorry. But I still hope you'll give it a chance as I don't read bad fics.

Oh! One last disclaimer: some (probably most) of my fics will contain swearing at the very least, and some fics will even have an 18+ or even NC-17 rating, and thus "listener's discretion is advised", and will not be suitable for underage consumers. Please check out the fic's corresponding YouTube video at the bottom of the 'fic page' for the story's rating, summary, and the first 15 minute snippet.

This brings me to my last two points.

Each and every story will get a corresponding YouTube video. If it's a 'chaptered fic' - it's video will include the first 15 minutes of the first chapter, as a kind of "preview". If the story is a 'one-shot' - the full fic will be included, granted it is not over 1 hour in length. You can find my YouTube channel simply by searching Serdd's Audio Fanfictions on YouTube.

And last, but certainly not least: please check out my All Important Patreon page! As I said at the very begining: SAF is 100% a passion project. I record during the week when I get home from work, then spend my evenings & weekends editing, posting and sharing. It takes a WHOLE LOT of time, and is a WHOLE LOT of work. so every donation, subscription, & Patreon pledge means the world to me.

It is incredibly difficult to stay motivated when if feels as though I'm screaming into the void with only my echo for company.

So all of your comments, reviews, likes, & shares are very, very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for taking the time, and until next time...

Happy Listening!

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