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March 1st, 2020 - Monthly Update

Hello & welcome to Serdd’s Audio Fanfictions!

It’s March 1st, 2020! If you don’t know; the first of each month is our Monthly Agenda where I outline all the fic postings, updates & going-ons for the coming month!

First on the docket: You may have noticed that all of the chapters & one-shots for February were free to listen to on Patreon, without having to subscribe. This was done in an effort to give you all a larger, shareable, more varied sample of what your subscription gets you. It can be hard to get those train wheels rollen’ smoothly when you first get started, so a little traction is necessary… that may be a little convoluted, but, eh. Don’t worry about it. All that really means for you is: All of the Patreon episodes for March & April will also be free, without subscription, and available to all.

I ask & encourage you to share, tweet, Insta, chat, and all other forms of social media my Patreon (thought keep in mind, it is an 18+ site), YouTube & Website.

If you’re REALLY brand new; I have a Podcast! & a YouTube page! I think I was still setting both up by the time I posted the February agenda, so didn’t really announce it. But both are up & running now so PLEASE check them out and subscribe to both!

On my podcast, you can take all of my completed fics with you! Patreon subscribers get a Special RSS podcast feed that includes monthly fic chapters, as well as the completed one-shots. My public podcast, however, can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast, Tune In, iHeartRadio, Podcast Addict, and any other podcast provider you can think of! Be sure to subscribe & enjoy! :D

YouTube! I’m actually really pleased with how my YouTube channel came out. Please share & subscribe! On there I post the first five or 15 minutes of all of my chapter / longer fics. As well as full one-shots - provided they don’t exceed 1½ hours.

Now, I mentioned this in February, but if you’re wondering about the whole “15 minutes” thing, I’ll explain:

when I was still working in professional audio books; producers would usually ask for a 15 minute sample before the copy officially went into production. Usually that 15 would include a key scene from the text, unusual or technical words, and/or character names & voices. This is for both the producer & author to review to make sure that pronunciation, tone, any accents, and the overall read are what they’re looking for. If approved, that clip is then also used as the audio sample for online retailers.

That is essentially what I wanted to do with these samples on my YouTube channel. The only problem with some of them is that the first chapters are maybe shorter than 15 minutes. If that’s the case, then - Yay! You get a full chapter! :D

Right, now then: let’s get down to the real business shall we? This month’s update schedule!

  • Mar 13th: Chapter 2, Erased Potential by: theslytherinpaladin - a My Hero Academia fanfiction -

  • Mar 20th: Chapter 2, November’s Secret by: Lanaberry

  • Mar 27th: a Buffy the Vampire Slayer One-shot

Now… I have a rather large confession to make…

For the first chapters of Erased Potential & November’s Secret – I didn’t have the author’s permission to record or post them.

I’ll say this right now: It’s was wrong, and my reasons were cowardly, and I don’t excuse or condone my actions. The amazing people who write these stories work so incredibly hard to come up with, create, & share these golden pieces of love and creativity that their efforts should never be taken for granted.

The reason I went ahead with my recording despite not hearing back from the authors is…perhaps a little childish, perhaps a little arrogant, but... I really wanted to "act out" these stories and share them with all of you, but was too afraid of hearing “No” to really push the issue when neither of the authors got back to me the first time I asked. Then I thought, “well, what if I record at least the first chapter for them to listen to? Maybe if I do a good enough job and they see the time and effort I’m willing to invest in their fics; maybe they’ll say yes!”

By this point, the deadline for the launch of my site was coming up (a deadline I created btw, so it's no excuse), and I didn’t have any emails to send the finished files to… So, I buried my head in the sand and plowed forward as though I had the author’s permission; posting, creating YouTube videos, and sharing on social media.

Unfortunately... and I am very sorry that it has come to this, but…Just recently I finally managed to get a hold of theslytherinpaladin, author of Erased Potential. And while they were excited to have their story turned into an audio fic… they were not, unfortunately, comfortable with me posting their story on Patreon. Stating that they were uncomfortable with the format. Which I get. I totally understand.

However, because hosting updating chapters on Patreon is what I’m counting on to support myself and this entire endeavour… I, sadly, am currently unable to continue producing Erased Potential.

I know many of you out there will be extremely disappointed, especially my subscribers coming from YouTube. And I know that this suddenly leaves us a bit in the lurch, and the first week a bit up in the air. But not to worry! I still plan to have a My Hero Academia fanfic for the first week… I just don’t know what it’ll be yet.

Lastly for the fic announcements: our BtVS one-shot... *deep sigh* I’m a little conflicted with this one… I had originally planned to re-record & post “Her Way” & “Changes” by Dreamweaver for both February & March’s one-shots. However, my overly ambitious mind neglected to inform me that both fics were definitely NOT one-shots - despite my memory insisting they were.

Thus I was left scrambling with my indecision down to the wire last month. And now, with a full month ahead of me, I can honestly say… I don’t know what I’m going to do.

When I realized that both of the above fics were too big to post as a single episode, I chose another fic to record.

My literal though was “Oh, it’s only 100 pages (in epub format), that shouldn’t be too long.” … 4 hours of solid narration later, with still 3 chapters to go… I had to give it up. No way was I getting all of that recorded & edited in time.

So I caved and picked another little fic, this time one that was actually a one-shot. But now, here’s my dilemma… I now have 4 hours’ worth of a fic just sitting there. After recording and editing the last few chapters, I may be able to editing that down to 2 hours, – even less if I skip the sex scene that I’m pretty sure is coming up…

So, the question is... do I use this very long, not-a-one-shot for our last episode of the month, or do I pick something else? I have no idea!

Next up: Our Fic Recommendations for March, 2020!

Check those out, I very, very highly recommend them!!!

All right, that's it, that's all!

Thank you so much for sticking with me, and PLEASE check out the recommended fics! So good! Check those out, give them a read, give them a download. Let the author know you care.

Be sure to subscribe to all of the places, to be alerted whenever new fics are added! We've got more awesome stuff coming each month.

Till next time,

Happy Listening!

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